About Chad

chad walsh with his family, sledding down a hill

Chad’s Path to Influential Citizen and Public Servant

Upon graduation from Hermantown High School Chad Walsh joined the U.S. Army and served as a military police officer. While serving overseas he saw first-hand how great we have it in America. “This is where I discovered my passion for public service.” 

After a stint as a police officer in South Dakota, Chad returned to Duluth to be closer to family and opened a small excavating company. When the economy took a dive, he found employment as a Union Operator with several construction outfits. Over time he began to build his own business again.

“We bought our first pumper truck and a dozen portable restrooms to start a portable toilet business. We had a business plan to save enough money to build the indoor shooting range, training facility and retail outlet that has become Dead On Arms. Part of the process involved financing. Five banks said “No” but we never stopped trying. Once we got our yes we started building that spring to be ready for a fall opening.”

Because he missed police work Chad joined the Moose Lake Police Department as a law enforcement officer. His experiences over the years have shown him what really matters: a sense of place, the people in one’s life and public service.

“I’ve lived all over the world and the United States, but I love living in Northern Minnesota. Spending time with my family is also vital, as is making a contribution to the community, both as a business owner and through serving the public.”

“Thank you for your interest in supporting my campaign as a St. Louis County Sheriff Candidate in 2022″.