Recently, we received an email showing support and thought it would be a great idea to show what others are seeing. While it is true that nobody is perfect, it is how we choose to live our life that matters in the end. It is great that there are folks out there who see things for what they are instead of trying to make an issue sound bigger than what it is. Please read the email below, published with permission:

I just wanted to tell you that I am impressed with your link to the Court case on your campaign page. I value Transparency and Honesty. I see that with you. Thank you. And with gratitude and respect, I thank your for your service. I did not find any incriminating web stuff, that seems strange as no one is perfect. I clearly see your passion for fire arms and honestly that shit scares the pahjeebas out of me. But, in your possible new position this is an advantage, because you know better than anyone what is out there, the profiles of who has them, (criminal and non criminal and those that go in between.) and how to create safer policies and policing tactics for all involved including innocent bystanders. i’m going to vote for you, I hope that your possible new experiences along with your past experiences will create positive impacts on the citizens and police departments. May the surrender of self be rewarded with the Universe showing its greatness thru you and the receiving of deeper blessings of life. And I thank your wife and family for supporting you and sharing you with the rest of us. –

-Kayla G