In an effort to remain 100% transparent in his bid to become Sheriff, we are letting the public know of a situation that happened recently between the Chad Walsh For Sheriff campaign and Nick Voltzke. Voltzke filed a complaint with the State of Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings in regards to Chad’s failure to file a campaign financial report in a timely fashion for funds received in the past year. We are attaching the ten page document here for everyone to read and understand what happened. Chad has nothing to hide, this was not done underhandedly to try to pull one over on voters. As a human, he made an honest mistake that has been righted and the funds returned to the contributors. 

Interestingly enough, Nick Voltzke is obviously a supporter of Jason Lukovsky for Sheriff, as evidenced in the attached photo of his campaign contribution.

Even more interestingly, not long after Chad announced his bid for Sheriff, the Saint Louis County Sheriff’s Department came in to Dead On Arms in an effort to shut down the business owned by Chad and his wife. They did not stop there, though. An attempt to go after Chad’s peace officer license was made in order to discourage him from running for Sheriff. This would not make it a fair election.

It seems like some people are more interested in wasting time trying to discredit someone where there is nothing to discredit rather than looking into real crimes that are occurring. We do not want to waste anyone’s time, but it is only right to be 100% transparent and honest with everyone involved.