Chad was asked to gain the endorsement of the Duluth Police Department. Below, you can read their questions and his responses to their questions.

SLCS Screening Questionnaire

  • Why do you want an endorsement from the Duluth Police Local 807?

  • Should you be elected Sherriff how will you improve the relationship between the Sherriff’s office and the Duluth Police Department?

  • The SLC Sherriff has direct control of the 911 communications center and the SLC jail. Historically there have always been some issues between those two entities and the Duluth Police Department. How do you plan to identify these issues, and what will you do to include the Duluth Police Department prior to implementing any changes?

  • Currently many of the resources the SLCSO has have been available to the Duluth Police Department as the need has arisen. If elected Sherriff, do you plan to continue that policy or change it? Should you change it what might those changes be?

  • Please provide a bio of what you would bring to the Sheriffs office should you be elected. Specifically what experience do you have in Law Enforcement, and more importantly what qualifications do you have to be Sheriff.

Chad’s response:

       I believe it is important to establish an early, long-lasting, and positive
relationship with the Duluth Police Department. This is why I am seeking your
endorsement for my candidacy for Sheriff of St. Louis County.

       Being that I have no negative experiences with or judgements towards any law
enforcement agency, I fully expect to come into this association with the diverse
viewpoint of an outsider upon my election. I would like to build a relationship on the
basis of mending previous issues and work to create a long-lasting and healthy working
environment between all agencies and the public they serve.

       Starting with the 911 Communication Center and St. Louis County Jail, both
managed by the Sheriff, I will give them the voice they need to make the changes they
want to see. It is my belief that all organizations within St. Louis County, including the
Duluth Police Department, should have some say over how the 911 Communication
Center is managed. My vision is to bring all agencies in St. Louis County together to
work as a united front that can overcome the past and start a future that involves all
branches of law enforcement implementing changes together. I see this as an ongoing
partnership rather than a temporary relationship between the 911 Communication
Center and the agencies that use it. I will arrange monthly meetings to get these
organizations together and work on any issues that may arise.

       The Sheriff also runs the St. Louis County Jail, which is used by many agencies
in the county. The day-to-day operations and management of the jail should be taken
into account when implementing any changes and plans with other agencies in St. Louis
County. Therefore, these other agencies will find that they have a voice and a vote in
conducting business concerning the St. Louis County Jail.

       The Sheriff’s office in St. Louis County has many resources at it’s disposal. As
such, these resources must be made available to all agencies within the county. As
Sheriff, I will work to make sure all needs are being taken care of, even if that means
using our own resources. There is a balance to be had in lending out resources outside
of the SLCSO and using them within the agency. The Sheriff’s office will also
collaborate to find an agreement amongst all agencies within the county when it comes
to executing any changes.

       Allow me to introduce myself. I am a native of Northern Minnesota, a disabled
veteran, a police officer, and an entrepreneur. Above all else, I am a father and
husband. I have six kids that range in age from 5 to 20. We are a very close family that
does everything together. Our favorite things to do are to spend time at the lake, fishing
and swimming, or roasting marshmallows over the fire, and the list goes on. I have
worked as a U.S. Army Military Police while deployed and stationed in areas all over the
world. I left the military to become a police officer in Huron, South Dakota. Currently, I
am an officer on the Moose Lake Police Department. At present, my wife and I own two
businesses: Advanced Services, Inc, which is a Union septic and portable restroom
company, and Dead On Arms, Inc. Dead On Arms is Northern Minnesota’s only indoor
shooting range. Between the two businesses, we employ approximately twenty local
people. These businesses were built, by us, from the ground up without taxpayer help.
Our people are our number one asset. Each of these pieces have molded me into the
person I am today. They have all taught me many lessons that I use in my businesses
and at home.

       Due to a strong desire to help people, I have spent the majority of my life as a
public servant. Helping others is something that is engrained in me and has taught me
to respect everyone from every walk of life. I do not cast judgement on others, everyone
has a story. I do not affiliate myself with any political party because I believe, as a public
servant, I represent everyone. Equality and fairness are extremely important qualities in
a Sheriff and I guarantee you will get that from me. As an entrepreneur who started, and
continues to run, two businesses, I have vast administrative experience. Prior to starting
these businesses, I worked multiple jobs in which I managed budgets of fifty-five million
dollars and oversaw three hundred employees. These experiences prepared me for
running my own businesses. I am well versed in motivating staff and maintaining
budgets. I will bring a new perspective to St. Louis County and serve all agencies within

       I represent the new generation of law enforcement. I am a person who believes
that we need to work hard to break down those barriers between agencies. I will
harmonize the efforts of all law enforcement agencies throughout northern Mn. If law
enforcement departments all work together instead of being territorial, we will raise the
standards and be more consistent in how we are viewed by our residents.
I am a firm believer that a Sheriff should not just have law enforcement
experience, but life experience as well. As Sheriff, I will make sure we all work together
to overcome past problems and make sure we do not have any in the future. This is not
a one-person job, but one that needs an entire army of people to sustain the region. As
your next Sheriff, I will bring all of this, and more, to the table.

       Thank you for the opportunity to seek the endorsement of the Duluth Police
Department. If I do not get your endorsement, upon my election, I promise to uphold
the vision stated above. I appreciate your time and would like to extend the invitation to
discuss any of the aforementioned topics in greater detail.